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Take a look at this watch shop and their collection online

A watch that is not only beautiful, original and also affordable is hard to find these days, especially since watches have become extremely popular the past few decades. These days, most people are familiar with the most famous brands. Have you heard of a rather new brand called Aevig? Named after the ancient norse word for ‘eternal’, they focus on creating beautiful, timeless watches. The designs of this online watch shop are inspired by the founder’s history, who has a background in art, film making and design. The brand was founded in 2013 and is since then striving for absolute perfection, which you can tell by the high standards that their designs hold.

A refined selection of watches

Their selection of watches, might be rather small, but that’s only because they want to focus more on quality than quantity. Every single watch that you can buy from this online shop is beautiful, functional and timeless. Take for example, the Balaur. This diverwatch took more than four years to make. It is water-resistant up to 300 meters and has an internal bezel that shows hour markings and countdown time. The bracelet can be customized, in case you would prefer a premium stripe such as the NATO. Apart from this very popular model, they also have a couple other well-designed watches. Do you like the look of the Corvid? Or do you prefer the Huldra, Valkyr or Thyïlea? The choice is all yours!

Order your favorite today

Is there a particular watch that you would like to order from their online shop? Do no hesitate and order before they sell out! Have you ordered a watch, but is there something you don’t like about it? After it has been delivered to your home, you have up until seven business days to return your item free of charge. Could you use some assistance with deciding? Get in touch with this watch store.