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Electrochemical activated water generators for sustainable cleaning

At Aquaox, they have developed electrochemical activated water generators that improve the hygiene within a facility and are not harmful to humans and the environment. With their systems, you are assured of a healthy environment and your problems with bacteria, fungi, mold and viruses are solved! They offer three different generators, namely EA-, EC- and MOW-systems. Discover which system is suitable for your business!

The features of the three different water generators

This expert has developed three different electrochemical activated water generators. The EA-systems are machines that produce electrochemical activated water, which is used for cleaning and disinfecting in intensive farming, horti- and agriculture. The EAW-30-C device is the smallest generator in their product range and this one is designed for usage in various facilities and buildings, such as universities and hospitals. The water generator produces electrolyzed water in small storage tanks, which you can fill a sprayer bottle with. The EC-systems are mobile disinfecting systems that are used in breweries, food processing industries and other highly computerized production processes. MOW-systems are durable, high-efficient and self-cleaning onsite electrolyzed water generators. They are designed to produce solutions for water treatment systems. Do you wonder which generator is suitable for your business or facility? Aquaox has over fifteen years of experience and is happy to advise you!

Start improving the health within your facility

Do you also want to improve the hygiene within your building or facility and do you not want to use conventional chemicals? This expert provides the ideal solution for you! With the electrochemical activated water generators, you will not have to use chemicals that can be harmful to human health and all their systems are biodegradable. This specialist has its own facilities for research, development and production in the Netherlands and the USA, and they know exactly how to provide you with an optimal solution for problems with bacteria, viruses, mold and fungi. Contact them now!